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Under the topic “Breast Surgery”, the contest shall select the best video, with up to seven minutes each, which shall be presented during the Oncoplastic Breast Surgery Workshop (Breast Reconstruction Students’ and Alumni’s Meeting) at the Brazilian Breast Cancer Symposium (BBCS). The lead author or presenter of the three best videos or clinical cases will receive as award a free registration for the BBCS of the following year in addition to receiving an honorable mention certificate. The other non-selected videos will made available for participants, with the author’s permission.



This contest aims at encouraging the independent production of pioneering breast surgery videos with up to ten (10) minutes produced with digital media, including preoperative planning, surgical techniques details and postoperative outcomes, as well as the presentation of breast cancer patients who require partial or total breast reconstruction.


The following definitions shall be observed:

  1. a) Pioneering video or clinical case is the one that has not been previously published or exhibited.
  2. b) Original work must be authentic, new, neither copied nor adapted from another existing work.
  3. d) Applicant/Coordinator is the person who proposes the project and declares to be in accordance with the terms and regulations hereof.
  4. e) Digital media is any video produced with equipment such as: cell phone cameras, digital cameras, webcams or mini-dv cameras.

3.1. All breast cancer specialists, gynecologists, general surgeons, plastic surgeons, interested surgical oncologists can participate.

3.2. The authorship of the videos and clinical cases can be individual or collective, with a maximum of 7 participants, comprising several people in the team; however, with only one coordinator per project.

3.3. The awards shall be granted for video (s) and clinical case (s) selected and not individually.

3.4. Each candidate/group can compete with an unlimited number of videos and clinical cases, captured on any type of equipment that produces moving images: video camera, digital photo camera (sequence of photos), mobile camera and computer animation. Videos must be submitted in AVI, MJPEG or WMV formats, saved in both clouds (YouTube, Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive and other similar ones).

3.5. The video link shall be forwarded to mentioning the video name and group members.

3.6. In the event of any video being produced by members of the Judging Panel, the author is unable to grade their video and the rating will be given by the arithmetic average of the other judging panel members.


4.1. Videos must be pioneer with at least 5 minutes and a maximum of 10 minutes. A one-minute grace period shall be given.

4.2. The editing of the videos is up to the authors.

4.3. Clinical cases are required to provide detailed information on the clinical history, physical examination, laboratory and imaging exams, details encompassing surgical, clinical and radiotherapy treatment, complications, complication management, progress, photos of the pre and postoperative period, photos showing details of the surgical technique, occurrence of oncological events and clinical follow-up.


5.1. Registrations must be applied for up to March 18, 2023, via the website (

5.2. At the time of registration, the applicant/coordinator or lead presenter must be registered in the event.

  1. b) The link with the address of the video or clinical case must be informed by email
  2. c) In accordance with the provisions of Article 111, Law 8666/93, the Management may only award or receive a project or specialized technical service provided the author transfers the related copyrights so that Management is entitled to use them in accordance with the provisions set forth in the contest regulations or adaptations therein. Therefore, the registration of the video in the congress implies the assignment of the Rights of Use of the work to the BBCS.
  3. d) Patient’s identity must be protected. In order to do so, the name, medical record number or anything that might identify the patient should be avoided.

6.1. There will be a Judging Panel composed of four (4) members, breast cancer specialists, plastic surgeons, surgical oncologists, gynecologists, general surgeons, with extensive knowledge in breast surgery, especially on Oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstruction; none of the Judging Panel members may have a special bond of kinship with the registered candidates. 

6.2. The judging panel will analyze whether all the documentation is in compliance with the requirements, disqualifying those that do not meet such specifications.

6.3. Each video will be given scores from 1 to 5, being (1: poor, 2: good, 3: very good, 4: great and 5: excellent) following the criteria:

  1. a) Originality;
  2. b) Interest and technical innovation;
  3. c) Quality of audio, image and editing;
  4. d) Didactics;

6.4. The ones with better score will be qualified, pursuant to the criteria mentioned in 6.3.

6.5. Each member will evaluate all projects approved, according to the criteria set forth in 6.3.

6.6. In the event of a tie, priority will be given to those projects that received the highest scores in criteria “a” and “b” of 6.3, respectively.

6.7. The results will be announced as of March 31, 2023. The lead author will be informed by email.


7.1. The best videos will receive a free BBCS registration for the following year. The lead author or presenter shall receive such benefit as well as an honorable mention certificate due to their participation.


8.1. By registering one is aware and entirely agrees with the rules and conditions established herein.

8.2. Omitted cases shall be submitted to the Judging Panel created especially by Management.

8.3. All materials received may be used by professors and students for educational purposes, courses, meetings and congresses, training of other professionals, after identification of the original authors.